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Processing Foundation Fellowship to support Innovative Projects

The Processing Foundation is thrilled to announce an open call for the 2024 Fellowship Program, themed ‘Sustaining Community: Expansion & Access’ to support innovative projects from artists, designers, activists, educators, engineers, researchers, coders, collectives, and many more, who are working at the intersection of creative technology, art, and open-source software.

Fellowships are an essential element of their foundation’s work in developing tools of community power, connection, stewardship and in nurturing the aims/needs of the people and communities who use their software. Projects can range from development of the existing software projects and related Processing projects (Processing, p5.js,, Processing for Android, ml5.js), to creative and exploratory work for new iterations.

They are open to applicants from all backgrounds and skill levels, and support proposals that center investigations, experiments, and learning. They are attentive to proposals that demonstrate enthusiasm and the evolution of a fellow’s practice rather than their pre-existing technical skills.

Priority Areas
  • Archival Practices: Code & New Media:
    • Projects aimed at developing tools and platforms for archiving and preserving creative code/the digital, as well as new media archival practices.
  • Open-Source Governance:
    • Initiatives focused on creating governance models that promote equitable decision-making, inclusive communities, engagement, and sustainable growth in open-source projects.
  • Disability Justice in Creative Tech:
    • Tools and projects that advance access and promote disability justice within the realm of creative technology.
  • Access & AI:
    • Engaging AI technologies to create accessible solutions and improve inclusivity in digital spaces.
  • $10,000 stipend
  • dedicated mentorship
  • skill-building workshops
  • public programs
  • community engagement opportunities
Eligibility Criteria
  • Open to U.S.-based and international applicants.
  • Collective projects should have a lead applicant.
  • Only one application per person.

For more information, visit Processing Foundation.

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