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Essential Digital Knowledge & Skills

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Trainer: Ssebuwufu Moses

Learn how to create a presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 and formatting presentation slides.

Microsoft Access 2010

Trainer: Ssebuwufu Moses

Discover the features of Microsoft Access 2010 and learn how to use your databases more efficiently.

Microsoft Excel Essentials

Trainer: Ssebuwufu Moses

Learn the essential features and functionality of Microsoft Excel with this Microsoft Excel Essentials Course.


People should have essential skills to safely do business online, do private banking, use social media and defend their information.

Computer technology is changing how we act, make and move. At the minimum, people should have essential machine skills and the understanding of how things get together in order to safely do business online, get on-line purchases, do private banking, Use social media to make up with loved ones and defend your own information.

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Essential Digital Skills are more important than ever. In recent months, we’ve experienced a world where face-to-face communication hasn’t been possible and therefore having a grasp on digital technology and communication is vital to stay connected.