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Apply for NextGen Media Challenge

Are you thirsty for creativity and novelty? Are you passionate about media and eager to shape the future of information and entertainment? Look no further, Ouest-France invites you to participate in the NextGen Media Challenge!

Ouest-France is seeking innovative minds, aged 18 to 25 from around the world, to collaborate with them and revolutionize the mediatic universe. Join them now to participate in shaping the future of media, and mold it to your liking: informative, entertaining, personalized, innovative!

  • Each of these themes provides a unique opportunity to make your voice heard and contribute to shaping the future of media. Choose the category that inspires you the most. Unleash your creativity, and join the challenge today!
    • Information and Knowledge
      • In this category, dive into the heart of the information and knowledge revolution. What are the most interesting and captivating subjects for your generation? How will you stay informed and deepen your knowledge in the world of tomorrow? The world is evolving rapidly, and you have the power to shape it.
      • Explore revolutionary ideas to make information more accessible, close, and relevant. Rethink topics and how to present them to create information that speaks to you and reflects who you are: written, audio, video, drawings, games. Everything is imaginable!
      • Your intellectual curiosity is the key to this theme. How can you contribute to the evolution of how young people stay informed? Join this challenge to open the door to a new future of knowledge.
    • Interaction and Co-creation
      • Do you aspire to be more than just a mere spectator? This category invites you to become a true actor in the creation and dissemination of information, emphasizing the strengthening of connections between individuals.
      • Imagine collaborative platforms and enriched social media that promote exchanges and dialogues among people. Reflect on how new technologies could contribute to forging stronger bonds and enhancing trust in the sharing of information between individuals.
      • Your voice is valuable, and you have the power to shape the narratives that matter to you. You are the journalist of tomorrow, and the goal is to create a future where human interactions are at the heart of the media experience, thus fostering a more connected and engaged society.
    • Entertainment and Utility
      • Beyond information, what can media offer you to enrich your daily life? This category invites you to explore concepts that blend entertainment and utility.
      • Think about interactive formats, serious games, or immersive experiences that combine entertainment with learning. Also, consider how the media could help you solve practical problems in everyday life.
      • You have the power to transform your media experience into an entertaining and educational adventure. Imagine how the media can become versatile companions for your generation.
    • Innovation and New Technologies
      • How can innovations and new technologies make media even more appealing to you? That’s the central question of this category.
      • Consider intuitive interfaces, immersive user experiences, virtual or augmented reality-based applications for a captivating media experience. Reflect on the use of artificial intelligence for content recommendation or information personalization.
      • You are at the forefront of technology, and now is the time to show how it can revolutionize the future of media.
The Prizes
  • 1st Winning Team
    • Each member of the First Place team will win:
      • Nintendo consoles (unit value approx. 300 euros) + a one-year digital subscription to Ouest-France
  • 2nd Second Place
    • Each member of the Second Place team will win:
      • Portable speakers (unit value approx. 200 euros) + a one-year digital subscription to Ouest-France
  • 3rd Third Place
    • Each member of the Third Place team will win:
      • Wireless headphones (unit value approx. 100 euros) + a one-year digital subscription to Ouest-France
  • 4th Fourth place
    • Each member of the Fourth Place will win:
      • Instant cameras (unit value approx. 100 euros) + a one-year digital subscription to Ouest-France
  • 5th Fifth place
    • Each member of the Fifth Place will win:
      • Instant cameras (unit value approx. 100 euros) + a one-year digital subscription to Ouest-France
Eligibility Criteria
  • This Challenge is open and offered solely to:
    • Students.
    • Any individual aged sixteen (16) years and/or with full legal capacity, who (i) is currently enrolled at a post-secondary institution or (ii) has recently graduated from a post-secondary institution less than 2 years before the current academic year, with a student card as verification.
    • Each Student may only participate once in each Challenge.
    • If the participant is a minor, he/she must provide this authorization signed by a parent or guardian at the given address.
  • This Challenge is not open to: employees and representatives of the Sponsor and Agorize and the members of their families.
  • This Challenge is void in countries where it is prohibited or restricted by law.

For more information, visit Ouest-France.

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