You are currently viewing Applications open for Resiliency Grant Program

Applications open for Resiliency Grant Program

The Internet Society Foundation is currently accepting applications for the Resiliency Grant Program.

The Internet Society Foundation’s Resiliency Program supports projects that increase network resiliency in communities prone to natural disasters, so that these communities will be better able to prepare for and withstand the effects of natural disasters on Internet connectivity.

The Internet Society Foundation will support organizations with experience and direct knowledge of Internet resiliency to deploy resilient Internet infrastructure and provide training to local stakeholders on its use in the event or in the aftermath of natural and climate-related disasters.

  • Ensure readiness of local communities to maintain or repair Internet connectivity 
  • Re-establish Internet connectivity for communities affected by natural and climate-related disasters
Funding Information
  • Grants up to USD $500,000 will be awarded for projects up to 24 months in duration.
Eligible Projects
  • Examples of the types of projects the Foundation will support includes:
    • Supporting development of community networks
    • Hardening data centers and IXPs against environmental threats
    • Fortifying sub-sea cables and/or stations
    • Supporting ISPs to upgrade infrastructure
    • Strengthening capacity of communities to maintain, repair, and re-establish Internet connectivity
Eligibility Criteria
  • The Foundation seeks to fund teams housed in organizations that align with the Internet Society’s mission and its work for an open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet for everyone.
  • In order to receive funding from the Internet Society Foundation, all applicant organizations applying must meet the following three (3) requirements:
    • Be a legally registered 501(c)(3) OR equivalent. (Before awarding funds to any organization, the Foundation will verify this equivalency)
    • Possess alignment with the purposes and activities of Internet Society (ISOC), the Foundation’s supported organization
    • Have an official bank account in their name (based on their legal registration)
  • Note: For the grant programs that accept applications from individuals, information about basic requirements can be found on the respective program pages.
  • In addition to the basic eligibility requirements for all Foundation grants, the specific requirements for the Resiliency Program are:
    • Demonstrated capacity to manage grant awards between USD $250,000 to USD $500,000
    • Prior experience with Internet resiliency and or reconnection projects
    • Prior experience working on global projects or projects that are multi-national
    • Prior experience working in disaster management, emergency response, or recovery
  • Prior to making a grant award and issuing payment to an organization, they will do an Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) check to ensure applicants are compliant with U.S. Treasury protocols. They are required to do so by law. They may check information like the names of key staff and board members, the organization’s legal name and common name, prominent volunteers, and any fiscal sponsors (if applicable).
  • Projects that are unrelated to the Internet and the mission of the Internet Society
  • Projects that provide personal monetary gain
  • Political campaigns, voter registration, lobbying efforts or other attempts to influence legislation
  • Endowments, buildings, or capital campaigns
  • Projects that exclusively serve religious purposes
  • Activities completed or costs incurred prior to the award, without prior approval
  • Tuition assistance
  • Transactions or grants prohibited by the Internet Society Foundation’s Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, or other governing document.

For more information, visit Internet Society Foundation.

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