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CV Labs Accelerator Program

Kickstart your Web3 startup with the blockchain CV Labs Accelerator program.

They are committed to changing the world, and they believe blockchain technology will play a fundamental role in that change. Because of this, they started the blockchain accelerator, which provides a select group of startups with a vast pool of experts and relevant knowledge in the field.

You will learn from the sharpest minds and be surrounded by other great blockchain founders as you develop your revolutionary ideas for 10 weeks in a hybrid format. The core part of the accelerator takes place online, accompanied by an in-person physical bootcamp in Zug, Switzerland.

During the Web3 accelerator program, participating startups will attend classes taught by over 50 industry experts, protocols, investors, professors, and more, who share their unique insights and learnings. Participants will also have direct access to consulting services from over 10 hands-on mentors and over 60 experts from around the globe to provide imperative guidance when necessary.

  • Global network
    • 70+ Mentors and experts
  • Build
    • Empower your startup with the expertise of founders and mentors
  • Hybrid
    • Online courses with in-person physical bootcamps
  • Learn
    • 10 weeks of intense training
  • Get funded
    • Up to $150’000 USD
About the Program
  • Bootcamp
    • A one-week event in Crypto Valley’s Zug, Switzerland. The week is filled with high-quality training from global experts and unique networking opportunities.
  • Block 1
    • A four-week digital learning experience around the topics of Technology, Product, and Legal with weekly workshops and webinars taught by industry experts.
  • Block 2
    • A four-week digital learning experience around the topics of Marketing and Branding with weekly workshops and webinars taught by industry leaders.
  • Graduation
    • A one-week event in Zug to elevate your pitching skills to the next level, followed by a demo day and the opportunity to pitch to high-profile investors.

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