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School Enterprise Challenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is an international educational programme for primary and secondary schools that want to cultivate essential business and 21st century skills in students, while strengthening teachers’ instructional approaches in entrepreneurship education.

It is a free online programme that guides teachers step-by-step, enabling them to assist students in generating business ideas and launching sustainable and profitable school businesses. Through this programme, schools also generate real income they can use to support their needs or any chosen cause.

Why join the School Enterprise Challenge?
  • For Teachers
    • The School Enterprise Challenge provides invaluable benefits for teachers by welcoming them to an international network of passionate educators and enriching their professional toolkits. It strengthens their teaching methodologies, such as experiential and skills-based learning.
    • Teachers don’t need previous business knowledge as they will have access to educational resources, from business guides to videos. They will play a crucial role in supporting teams of students to run one or more school businesses. This involvement enables teachers to acquire practical skills and knowledge in business ideation, planning, and implementation.
    • This programme is an exciting opportunity for teachers to foster both their own and their students’ development!
  • For Students
    • The School Enterprise Challenge equips students with essential business and 21st-century skills.
    • Supported by their teachers, students take the lead in creating and running their businesses, extending their learning beyond the classroom.
    • They will engage in fun and real-world experiences, cultivating valuable skills such as creativity, teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving.
    • This programme prepares them with the necessary tools to pursue further education, navigate future career opportunities, or create jobs while contributing positively to society.
  • For Schools
    • The School Enterprise Challenge offers tangible benefits for schools seeking to enhance their educational offerings. By participating, schools promote experiential learning, allowing students to develop practical skills through real-world application, and position themselves locally and internationally as institutions that deliver high-quality entrepreneurship education. 
    • Additionally, participating schools can establish sustainable revenue streams through profitable student-led businesses, further enriching the educational experience. 
    • Join the more than 40,000 schools worldwide who have participated in the programme! Is your school up for the challenge?
  • Teachers and Head Teachers from Primary to Secondary schools can create an account and register their schools directly for the programme.
  • Students and parents cannot register their schools individually.

For more information, visit Teach A Man to Fish

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