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timbuktoo Fintech Startup Accelerator Programme – Africa

Are you a technology-driven startup, passionate about leveraging innovations in the financial services sector to solve Africa’s most complex development challenges? Do you have a scalable solution with a defensible position and clear monetization strategy? Then the timbuktoo Fintech Startup Accelerator Programme is for you!

The timbuktoo Fintech Startup Accelerator Programme is a Pan-African initiative of the timbuktoo Fintech Hub in Lagos, Nigeria supporting startups that:

  • Are deploying technology solutions in the financial services sector: These are startups that have a technology-enabled solution at its core, utilising digital tools and platforms to drive innovation and efficiency in the financial sector.
  • Are contributing towards the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs): Startups whose solutions contribute towards one or more of the SDGs, by promoting growth, industrialisation, trade, education, health, and inclusive governance among others.
  • Are highly scalable: Startups that demonstrate high scalability either through digital distribution channels or the ability to scale their userbase rapidly across markets in Africa.
  • Hold a defensible position: Startups that have a defensible position, whether through Intellectual Property (IP) rights, network effects, domain expertise, or regional market dominance – ensuring sustainable competitive advantage in the fintech landscape.
  • Have a strong monetisation strategy: Startups with a clear and sustainable monetisation strategy, showcasing a path to profitability and long-term financial viability.
What are the benefits of the Programme?

The programme will offer Startup founders:

  • Mentorship and coaching from Africa’s leading industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Equity-free funding of up to $25,000 USD to support the startups growth.
  • Access to a network of fellow startup founders and entrepreneurs from across the African continent.
  • A platform to connect with and access potential investors as well as customers.
  • Access to technical resources, tailored to accelerate the growth and impact of the startup.
Who can apply to the Programme?
  • Applications are open to technology-focused entrepreneurs and startup founders across Africa aged between 18 and 35, who can build, or are already building, fintech startups that meet the following criteria:
    • Startups with founders who are citizens of an African country.
    • Startups must be locally owned and based in any African country.
    • Startups leveraging technology in the financial services sector to capitalise on complex development opportunities and solve challenges.
    • Startups with a minimum viable product.
    • Startups with existing corporate governance systems, accountability, social and environmental safeguards.
  • This application is limited to citizens of the African Union member states.

For more information, visit UNDP

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