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Powering Healthcare Innovation Fund

Applications are now open for the Powering Healthcare Innovation Fund.

The Powering Healthcare Innovation Fund is a small-grants facility aimed at unlocking such opportunities and ideas and growing innovation in the HFE sector. This project is funded with UK aid via the Transforming Energy Access (TEA) platform.

TEA will offer a Technical Assistance Facility, delivered by EED Advisory, to a certain number of prospective applicants to enhance their skills in making grant applications.

SEforALL’s Powering Healthcare Innovation Fund will support the deployment of catalytic innovations that can improve access to electricity in healthcare facilities and potentially transform the sector. Through small grants, the fund will uncover new solutions to address the market more effectively than current approaches. i.e. they must be different to approaches that are already common in the sector. There will be two funding rounds, one in 2024 and a second in 2025.

The solutions can be from the following fields:

  • Data (e.g. how to collect and analyse better data)
  • Technology (e.g. piloting energy-efficient appliances)
  • Delivery (e.g. fostering intersectoral partnerships or piloting innovative business/financial models)
Funding Information
  • Grants in the range of USD 50,000 to 100,000 each.
  • The timeframe for the work under each grant contract will be six to nine months.
  • The fund will focus on small and medium sized organisations, including SMEs, commercial organisations and NGOs, registered in certain implementation countries. A consortium can qualify for a grant but must have one lead contracting entity. Regional or country offices can apply if they have their own legal entity/registration in their host country. The maximum size of the legal entity or lead applicant organisation must be no more than 40 full-time permanent staff. 
  • The lead applicant must be legally registered in one of the countries on the FCDO list but can undertake work in any country on the same list. The applicant can also target more than one country.
  • The selection criteria include:
    • Considerations of the technical ability to carry out the work (in terms of thematic and geographic knowledge), within agreed timeframes and budgets, i.e, the organisations’ track record of similar work, and the technical skills and experience of the proposed team.
    • How realistic and viable the workplan, budget and project management aspects are, to ensure that grants will provide good value for money and add value to the sector from an innovation perspective.
    • Areas such as scalability, replicability, potential impact, and synergy with government, SEforALL and TEA Programme plans.

For more information, visit Sustainable Energy for All

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